Study Guide Book Reviews

"Great Review. Great product, loved this book. It touched bases on the important things about each subject, but doesn't go into full detail like our 1,000 page emt book. I did however pass my national registry just yesterday, and I gotta say, it was because of this book."

"This book is amazing! Highly Recommended! It basically takes my 1300 page textbook and compresses it down to 105 pages."

"All you need. Great resource. Haven't looked at any emt material in 8 months. Went through its front and back a few times and the rest is history. Passed NREMT exam the first try and felt prepared from this book."

"Exactly what I needed. Great book. My EMT course used the book, Prehospital Care 9th edition, and the bibliography references it's information from this exact book and this exact edition. Granted that I read the 1600 page book, this study guide is composed of all of the relevant information from the book removed from the cut and dry, and placed in respective categories. Statistically, people retain about 5 to 10% of what they read from a book so I would suggest reading this book 10 to 15 times to really soak in the information. It should not be a replacement to your training textbook but certainly A reference. Thanks to this book, and reading it multiple times, along with reading the assigned text book to the class, I passed my EMT basic cognitive exam conducted by the NREMT. I would say all of the questions were really easy and really did touch off on things picked up in this book. "

"Meat and Potatoes. Great help. I recorded myself reading this front cover to cover then played it back multiple times. Just a technique but this covers what you need to know."

"Great book....easy to follow, and helped me pass the NREMT!!! Really helps remember all the old information."

"Great refresher, no fluff. This book is perfect if you are looking to renew and refresh your EMS certification /knowledge, it covers all of the information that you need to review."

"Exactly what I needed. I used this book as a primary study tool and was able to pass my NREMT cognitive exam on the first try! Highly recommended!"

"Five stars. Good information... straight to the point ..really helped with test"

"Great! Information easy to understand and study."

"Five stars. A wonderful resource."

"Satisified customer. I passed my test thanks to this book. This book explains the different types of complications and explains it in great details."

"Five stars. I love it full of so much information."

"I passed my exam! I passed my EMT exam with this book! Great content. Would definitely recommend."

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